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Our Crown To Go Department boasts the best gourmet take-out in town. Delicious, hand crafted prepared foods are always available and ready to be served on your table.

Whether you choose from our Meat, Parve or Dairy section you'll be proud to serve your family and guests chef- prepared appetizers, entrees and side dishes that range from rotisserie chickens and grilled salmon to stir fried vegetables and classic kugel.

Each day our skilled and dedicated chefs create wonderful masterpieces so you don't have to fuss in your kitchen. Stop by and enjoy the culinary benefits of their artful endeavors.

Our hearty and healthy soups are never poured from a can. Our chefs make stock from scratch to provide you with the tastiest soups anywhere. In the winter hot soup is available in our Deli Department. The rest of the year fresh and frozen soups are available in our Crown To Go case and freezer. Roasted chicken, meatloaf, poached fish and marinated vegetables are just a few items that can be found in the ever changing selection. Please click here to see today’s offerings.

Individual meals to go, creative salads and wraps are at your fingertips in our display cases for lunch on the run or a light dinner. Click here for today’s selection.

In the Crown To Go's frozen case, you will find mini knishes, blintzes, soups, pot pies, pizza and garlic bread. All of these items are made in our kosher kitchen. Load up your freezer with your family's favorites today!

The Crown’s “CROWN TO GO” department is under the strict supervision of the Greater Hartford Kashrut Group.

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